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Play and Win Real Money

In order to win REAL MONEY playing at our casino, you must first deposit money into your casino account. All deposited funds must be processed and approved before you are allowed to bet for real money. For simplicity, all player accounts are tracked in U.S. Dollars. When you make a deposit with, if the deposit is made in another currency, it is converted to dollars at the current bank exchange rate. All redemption's are made in U.S. dollars.

Faxback forms are required for:

Withdrawals - Click here to download the form

Credit increase requests - Click here to download the form

Nostalgia Casinos is owned by Nostalgia Entertainment S.A., a Costa Rica corporation operating under the laws of Costa Rica. Nostalgia Entertainment S.A. is processing a portion of its credit card transactions through Nostalgia Entertainment Ltd. (29 Harley Street W1G 9QR London), a UK based corporation. When making a deposit we suggest you print the details of your transaction and keep it for your records.

Note: Any withdrawal request made through Neteller and PrepaidATM for less than $100, will not require Fax Back Form. However, if management feels that for security reasons a Fax Back Form is necessary, we will then request it despite the amount.

Deposit Options | Withdrawal Options

That 70's Casino offers many different options for you to conveniently deposit into your account:

Deposit Options

There are never any fees for depositing into your account, regardless of the method used. Maximum amounts may also apply to certain transactions. Kindly contact customer services if you have problems funding your account and we can provide you with alternative and easy solutions.

Player's Choice
Neteller:There is a $20 minimum deposit required for Neteller. Neteller is the fastest and most secure way to transfer cash online. Neteller provides same-day payments and virtually instant cash transfers. You pay no charges for transfers to

If you already have a Neteller account, you can make a deposit in the casino banking area. If not, click here to create one.

MasterCardVisa Credit Card: There is a $20 minimum for depositing by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard). Approved transactions will be credited to your casino account immediately through our credit cards processors so you can begin to enjoy the casino games right away. If you'd like to deposit by Credit Card, (either Visa or Mastercard) you can do this easily from the casino software. Simply start the software on your computer, click the "Bank" button, choose "Credit Card", and fill in the appropriate information.

Please remember that all credits are purchased in US funds, (1 credit = $1.00 US Dollar). Credit Card deposits made will appear either as IFund-Compecash or Nostalgia Entertainment 1 (866) 520-5905 on your credit card statement. Please consult your credit card company for any additional fees associated with your purchase of cash over the Internet.
If you are having trouble depositing via credit card, just call 1-866-520-5905 and a customer service representative will be glad to help you.

Any deposits over $300 will be required to complete our credit card authorization form below and fax it to us; along with a photocopy of a valid picture ID card (driver's license, passport, etc.) and a utility bill (phone, electric, gas) with your name and address as it appears on your credit card billing statement and your Nostalgicasino account.

Click here for Credit Card Authorization Form

FirePay and CentralCoin: FirePay and CentralCoin are FREE web-based accounts that work like a debit card, enabling you to purchase goods and services online. To make a deposit by FirePay or CentralCoin choose Credit Card as the Deposit Method and select FirePay or CentralCoin as the card type.

- Sign up for a FirePay account:
- Sign up for a CentralCoin account:

ECash (ACH) : You can use your U.S. checking account to make deposits by eCheck that are instantly credited to your casino account. Please select eCheck (ACH) and fill in the details as requested. Please note that there is a daily deposit limit of $250. (Withdrawals may be delayed until check has been confirmed to have cleared.)

Western Union: We accept wire transfers by Western Union, and there is a minimum deposit of $50. The casino will cover the transfer fees on deposits over $250. We currently pay 100% BONUS on first deposits only (up to $100) and 10% on all deposits after that (up to $100). Please email us if you'd like to pay by Western Union.

Western Union Deposits are available Monday through Saturday from 9:00am to 10:00pm (Eastern Time) and Sunday between the hours of 9:00am to 1:00pm (Eastern Time) and then from 3:00pm to 9:00pm (Eastern Time).

In order to receive your Western Union bonus, you must wager your deposit 10 times. The Western Union bonus can not be used in combination with any other Nostalgia Casinos bonus offer.

Prepaid ATMPrepaidATM: If you do not have a PrePaidATM account you can register for one at It is quick, safe, easy and can be used to withdrawal money from any ATM machine worldwide. Once you have registered and funded your PrePaidATM account you must transfer your deposit to Nostalgia Entertainment's merchant account M298611814515992. You will be provided with a Tracking Number that you will need later. Next, you will go to the Nostalgia Casino Cashier and deposit money into your account by selecting the PrePaidATM method and entering the dollar amount transferred, your PrePaidATM account code, and the Tracking Number provided by PrePaidATM. After making this deposit into your casino account your funds will be approved within minutes and you can begin playing immediately. If you have any questions or need help with setting up your PrePaidATM account please contact customer support by
e-mail or toll free (866)520-5905.

On Demand FundsOn Demand Funds: Provides an instant solution to funding your Nostalgia Casinos Account. Simply call the On Demand Funds toll free customer support number at (866)669-4633 and become an On Demand Funds Card Holder. You may fund this card instantly by Credit Card or use a Checking and Savings Debit, Cashiers Check or Wire Transfer. Please provide our Merchant Reference #7502148553 when depositing.

Withdrawal Options

Payouts are made each business day. All payout requests made before 11 am Eastern Time will be processed within 2 business days.

Player's choice
Neteller:If you already have a Neteller account, you can make a withdrawal request in the casino banking area.

MasterCardVisa All payouts made via credit card, will be free of any charges and will be paid to your credit card up to the amount of your charge to fund your account. Any amounts won over and above your original charge will be paid to you via check. All deposits made by credit card must be paid back in this manner.

Check: All payouts made by check will be charged $15 if sent by regular mail; please allow 4-7 business days for receipt of your payment. If you desire to have your check sent to you via overnight courier, a charge of $40 will be applied to your account.

Bank WireBank Wire: All payouts made via bank wire will be subject to a fee of $50. Your bank may charge additional fees.


Credit Backs FREE
Regular Mail $15.00
Overnight Express $40.00
Western Union Cost of the Western Union + $5.00
Registered Mail bank checks for amounts lower than $50.00USD will pay a $25.00 USD service charge fee.